My name is Andre’ Saunders. I am a retired record executive although I started out as a singer, then songwriter, musical arranger, record producer, musical publisher, audio engineer and now a writer of books. Getting old is something that just happened to me. I made no preparations for it

Although I was born into a large musical family that included my first cousins, The Isley Brothers, Gwendolyn Taylor, (original Raylette, background singers for Ray Charles), my life was changed due to 1950’s racism. Visit my other site: www.asaundersmusic.com, read my biography and have a good laugh. You’ll find it a lot of fun.

I started in the entertainment business when you could earn a living without having a hit record by simply putting together a nightclub act. This was called the “Chitlin’ Circuit”. It consisted of bars and nightclubs that hired live talent for the weekends. Every neighborhood, both black and white had them.3 Gents My group was called “The 3 Gents”

All you had to do was an audition for the owner and if he liked your act, you were hired. As you became well known, you could get bookings through a talent agency. Or somebody in the record business just might “discover” you. If you were lucky enough to have a record, you would sell it wherever you performed. This is how I got old.

But this is a site I started to see if others had insights, stories or other things they have pickup along life’s journey and would like to share.