Is Youth Wasted On The Young?

olderThere is a saying “Youth is wasted on the young”. That is to say that by the time you have made and corrected the mistakes you make in life, by then you’re too old to really benefit from the knowledge. A strange truth understood by anyone past their 50’s.

Just ask anyone in their sixties how they got to be so old and they will all have stories filled with how they did what you are about to do, in their lifetime. You look at your Granny or Granddaddy or you Momma and don’t see the child who has only grown older, taller and hopefully, more smarter. Without this experience, one can understand that this is a process of building on the child as foundation for the adult. There is no metamorphosis like a butterfly. You never lose sight of the child. Look deep and you will always find a child gazing back.

I would like to hear stories from people of all ages about their individual growing older process. Understand that from the moment you start to live, you start to die, (existentialism). It’s all about how you live, what you do between those two points.

So if you are say, sixteen years old and you want to share your experience of getting older, it’s valid so let’s hear it. If you remember some incident (positive or negative) that helped you in your growing up, PASS IT ON.

Remember that, when in life a kindness to you is shown
Remember that it was not meant for you alone
It was meant for you to enjoy, then to PASS IT ON.

This is an experience BLOG “ How I got to be so old”

I have a website “”> that I put together to share some of my pictures, music, thoughts, experiences and a book about how I got to be so old.

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